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A Centenary to remember

An anniversary always affords chance to reflect and celebrate. We recently celebrated the 100th birthday of Vera Lynn (20/03/17), and soon will celebrating 100 years since the birth of Jack Kirby (28/08/17) co-creator of the first [and greatest] Avenger: Captain America. This year is also an anniversary in sexual health. It is now 100 years since the “Venereal Diseases Act” was passed into law by Parliament. This historic legislation enabled the creation of a free and confidential sexual health service in the UK. To celebrate this anniversary the British Association of Sexual Health & HIV (BASHH) has produced a video to show how times have changed! You can see it here:

Taking time to reflect on how times have changed is important, particularly with current society increasingly looking to an uncertain environmental, societal and political future. We mustn’t forget whilst looking forward that there is much to learn from history; from successes and mistakes that we have experienced before. With recent rises in many sexually transmitted infections, particularly syphilis, there may be difficult times ahead. We keep hearing of “super-gonorrhoea” on the horizon which only the Avengers could potentially tackle! Whether these predictions come to pass is difficult to know, futurism is notoriously difficult as any science-fiction author would tell you. However if we were to focus on one thing it is to be sure that that future will hold many successes and failures in the public health: what we must not forget is to review and reflect on them as they happen, and to never forget the lessons we learn. Who knows what these lessons will be when we look back 100 years from now…..

Goldcoast Oceanfest 17/06/2017

On a beautiful summer morning in Croyde, the sexual health team from Barnstaple and Exeter put up their gazebo and set out their stall to spread the "safer sex message" at Oceanfest 2017.

Many people are often nervous about coming to the Sexual Health Clinic, with notions that we might be judgemental, we might put swabs in embarrassing places or that you might be recognised by someone you know but we wanted the people we met on Saturday to know that actually we're a friendly bunch. The team working in Contraception and Sexual Health are normal people just like you, we see many, MANY people who have probably experienced the same things you have come to see us about and we are passionate about looking after your sexual health.

Some of you at Croyde were excited to see us being loud and proud about our passion but others were a little embarrassed and just glanced at our banners out of the corner of your eyes as you walked past - which is just fine with us - just know that we are here for you when you need us.

Look us up online in the privacy of your home, call us or come in and see us at one of our many clinics in North and East Devon.

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