It is important to be registered with a general medical practitioner (GP) wherever you live in the UK.

GPs look after a whole range of health conditions in people who live in the local area - anything from coughs and colds, mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, people living with long term illnesses such as diabetes or asthma, pregnant women ,and young children and families. They also provide health information, vaccinations, run clinics and some even do small surgical operations.

GPs are skilled in diagnosis, especially at the early stages of a condition, and they also know when and where to refer you if you require further investigations or treatment.

You can register with any GP surgery you like, as long as you live within the catchment area and the clinic is taking on new patients. Visits to a GP surgery are free.

To register with a practice, you need to visit your local clinic and fill out a form. They will then carry out the necessary arrangements to ensure that you are registered as an NHS patient. Some eligibility criteria will apply, for example if you are a visitor from overseas - contact your local practice for more information.

To find details of local GP practices in your area, click here.

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