The project offers a range of practical advice & support on:

Sex, Sexuality, Sexual Health, and Wellbeing

  • To promote sexual health as a part of physical, emotional and social wellbeing
  • To promote safer sex to prevent the spread of STIs & HIV
  • To provide clear information on sex & sexuality / sexual health
  • To provide a safe and confidential space to promote open dialogue
  • Provision of safer sex packs – Condoms, dams & water based Lube

The Centre for Sexual Health Exeter, 31 Sidwell Street, Exeter, Devon EX4 6NN
Phone for information on clinic times & appointments
01392 284983

Workshops, Education & Training for community groups/agencies:

  • A range of workshop opportunities can be provided on diverse issues relating to sex, sexuality, orientation, sexual health, social inclusion, wellbeing.
  • Workshops promoting awareness of issues that affect vulnerable groups specifically relating to sexual health, social inclusion and gender issues

Safe Space scheme:

  • Working in partnership with groups and organisations that provide services to people who may be in same sex relationships.
  • Creating safe spaces where service-users can freely access advice and support and feel confident in being open about who they are.

Mind Heart & Body:

  • Mind: Explores issues such as:What people want from relationships, bill of sexual rights, barriers to communication, how to find information relevant to individual needs.
  • Heart: Explores issues around sexual health and emotional well being and communicating with partners.
  • Body: Promote awareness of STIs including HIV, condom use, sexual health and biology.

Other workshops are available. For more information please contact:

Alan J. Crabbe 01392 284987
Alternatively, you can email Alan J. Crabbe here

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