Family Planning Association

Information about all methods of contraception. 

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Sexual Assault Referral Centre

The Oak Centre is a Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC), based at a safe, secure and discreet location in Exeter. All our staff are specially trained to support those who have experienced rape and/or sexual assault, recently or in the past, in a non-judgmental manner. You will always be believed and treated with the utmost dignity and respect.

01392 436967

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Menopause Matters

Information and advice about all aspects of the menopause. 

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Services include Relationship Counselling for individuals and couples, Family Counselling, Mediation, Children and Young People's Counselling and Sex Therapy. They also provide friendly and informal workshops for people at important stages in their relationships.

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Rape Crisis

Rape Crisis England & Wales is a feminist organisation that exists to promote the needs of women and girls who have experienced sexual violence, to improve services to them and to work towards the elimination of sexual violence.

0808 202 999 Free phone helpline 12-2.30pm and 7-9.30pm

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Women’s Aid

Women's Aid is the key national charity working to end domestic violence against women and children. They support a network of over 300 dedicated specialist domestic violence services across the UK.

0808 2000 247 Free phone 24 hour domestic abusive national helpline 24/7

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Splitz is a charity providing support to families, individuals, and children/young people who have experienced difficulty, where that difficulty is related to separation, divorce or domestic abuse and their assoicated issues.

They promote fairness and welcome referrals from all. Their services aim to reduce suffering and promote and preserve health and wellbeing. By helping individuals achieve and sustain independence, they aim to promote social inclusion through community initiatives, employment, education and training.

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Early Help Co-ordination centre

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Child Sexual Exploitation

Tel 01392 386067

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Safeguarding Adults.

Care Direct: Tel 0845 1551 007

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British Association for Sexual Health and HIV

The British Association for Sexual Health and HIV is the UK's leading professional organisation dealing with all aspects of Sexual Health Care including clinical guidelines, information about STIs and HIV and current research in the field of sexual health.

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Herpes Virus Association

The Herpes Viruses Association provides information and advice to those who have symptoms of herpes simplex, the public and the medical profession;

  • fosters a calmer, less hysterical approach to what is usually a minor skin condition;
  • corrects misleading coverage of herpes simplex in the media;
  • promotes a more accurate public awareness of the condition;

and works with other organisations to reduce the stigma surrounding all STIs and promote a more mature approach to sexual health.

0845 123 2305

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